June 18, 2024

Best browser-based 3D shooters games

We are going to discuss some best browser-based 3D shooters games

Today, not everyone has the opportunity and time to download and install a first-person shooter client on their PC , which, in addition to weighing, as a rule, not less than several tens of gigabytes, often makes unimaginably high demands on gaming hardware .

The situation is saved by browser shooters. These are quite modern, exciting and relatively good in terms of graphics video games do not require pre-installation. You can play them online right in your browser window, and the vast majority of them will allow you to do this absolutely free.


One of the oldest and most popular browser-based online shooters, the number of subscribers of which has exceede 6 million. “Battle” is distribute for free, you can even play through social networks “VKontakte” or Facebook. It is also available on Steam . TheOnline shooters game is dedicate to the invasion of the Earth by alien robots, which, due to their tiny size, were unable to capture it. However, their warlike disposition did not allow them to reconcile themselves to failure, and they rushed to sort things out among themselves, choosing for this a suitable battlefield in size – a children’s playroom.

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Despite such a frivolous concept and cartoonish graphics , Battle offers a very exciting action game with excellent animation and well-place shooting mechanics. The Unity engine is responsible for all this . In terms of its dynamics , the browser game is reminiscent of such legendary projects as Unreal and Quake. One hit is enough for the enemy to crumble into pieces. By the way, the robotic crumbs use very serious weapons: gaussgan, shocker, flamethrower, mines.


Another popular browser-based online shooter distribute according to the Free-to-Play model . A great option for those who are bore in the office and want to quickly and interestingly fast forward time. Contra City offers users three dynamic modes that have become classic online FPS: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag.

The weapon arsenal also offers a classic set, but some guns can only be purchase in Contra City with real money. For them, in the local game store , you can buy various wardrobe items with which you can give your hero a stylish and unique look. There is also an achievement system that tracks all the player’s progress in the browser game. True, you should definitely not expect top graphics from Contra City, just as you should not expect super-realistic physics from it either . In this regard, the video game is not doing well.


An online third-person shooter that offers the standard style of modern warfare and pretty good physics and ballistics for its level. Code of War has a large selection of firearms, for which there are many drawings and coloring pages. There is a fighter leveling system (for in-game currency) and many modes for team and individual play Online shooters game. Battles take place on three-dimensional maps with good rendering.

In general, nothing original and new, almost all of this can be seen in many other, more popular games. But everything that Code of War offers players is implemented without any serious punctures. In the pluses of the shooter, you can also write down the low entry threshold.


A representative of the genre of tactical shooters , somewhat reminiscent of Counter Strike, something like Rainbow Six, except perhaps with a graphics level lower by several orders of magnitude. But you can play it absolutely free. Extensive maps are represente by various industrial zones, wastelands and other similar places, and with minimal detail, so you can run this browser-base 3D shooter even on the weakest PCs.

The weapons in the game are standard (real-life pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.), and there are only two factions: SWAT and Militia, and there seem to be no plot-base differences between them. Despite this, the gameplay of BeGone is very good. The developer put realism at the head of the whole process, therefore, the behavior of the weapon when firing, the damage system, and other elements turn out to be very believable.

Not the best of the free FPS for browsers, but for fans of games in the spirit of Counter Strike, it will suit perfectly.


Cubezumie 3D is a shooter, as if create by the developers of Minecraft . There are indee similarities, but they are expresse only in cubic game locations. All other mechanics in the game are unique and offer a new gaming experience for both Minecraft lovers and those who just want to take a break from work.

The player will have to customize his character (there are many costumes and masks) and go to fight the walking dead along with other players. A huge number of guns, explosives – zombies should obviously be feare! True, will this power be enough against strong bosses ?

Plus, there are elements of construction , and the map in the game is destructible. In addition to the cooperative mode, there is also a multiplayer mode (for himself, team battle, domination, and so on).


From what is happening on the screen after the launch of Dinostorm, the user will come to his senses for a long time! This is a free 3D game in which the player will assume the role of a cowboy riding a dinosaur . Events take place during the gold rush, and everyone wants to grab a tasty morsel.

Huge reptiles are not all the “means” use in the race . The gamer will also be able to use laser weapons…

Moreover, Dinostorm does not slip into outright absurdity – this is an excellent, humorous MMO in which the player can complete tasks, fight robbers and dinosaurs, and also interact with other users. “Pets” can be grown, and weapons can be upgrade. It’s hard to believe, but all this is available right in the browser.


Third-person shooter with cartoonish graphics. From the very beginning, you are thrown into the thick of battles against other players and aliens . In the arsenal you will find various firearms, but at the start you will have only one gun. Others can be purchase with in-game currency earn on the battlefields.

An excellent game with spacious locations, the ability to control vehicles and massive battles in which teamwork is important. Fortnite fans will especially like it .


Time of Dragons is a multiplayer action game with steampunk and fantasy elements, in which players are invite to ride dragons and fight each other in various modes. During battles, magic is actively use , and in between matches, you can develop your settlement and trade with other players. In general, a very good project for the browser. There is also a client version on Steam.


Fans of George Martin’s work will be able to change the story he wrote in the Game of Thrones : Winter is Coming strategy, Online shooters game . In the role of the lord of distant lands, the player will have to develop personal possessions, hire units for the army, enlist the support of familiar heroes (Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and so on) and go to conquer Westeros.

Moreover, the gamer will have an ace up his sleeve – a dragon donate by Daenerys Targaryen.

Together with the classic gameplay for the genre, the game offers to enjoy colorful graphics, and, despite the name, even those who are not familiar with the universe can play crazygames online.


In the global military strategy Call of War, the player will lead one of the nations that fought for victory in World War II . The map of the Earth will be in full view, and the gamer will be engaged in the capture of regions, the development of the economy and the conclusion of alliances best crazygames.

In war, all means are good – you can use infantry, as well as air, ground and naval equipment. It is not necessary to solve everything by brute force – diplomats also play an important role in any conflict. And if an agreement did not work out, you can use weapons of mass destruction and not leave a living place from the enemy.