June 18, 2024

Duo of the Best Mappe Horror Fortnite Codes

Mappe Horror Fortnite

Mappe horror Fortnite is one of Fortnite’s most anticipated game types. Why? The Fortnite terrifying map makes you shudder, making it difficult for you to finish the game. Most terrifying horror maps enable you to play alone or with companions while immersing yourself in a frightful atmosphere.

In truth, there are several mappe horror Fortnite from which to pick. However, because not all maps are suggested, we’ll show you a selection of the greatest terrifying horror maps available in Fortnite. Fortnite horror maps include everything from single-player to multi-player, jump scares, gun games, etc.

Fortunately, our post below will offer you a list of suggested Fortnite horror map codes! Let’s have a look at them!

Samantha Code: 9059-5575-6936 Evil 21 Awaits

jkr Julian developed the Evil 21 Awaits: Samantha horror map. This level uses the first-person perspective, amplifying the horror map’s fright factor. If you’re courageous enough, why not solve the riddle and get to its bottom? To play the game, copy and paste the code.

0863-1321-3485 is the Living Manor code.

Which part of this map has the scariest thing? At the start of the game, the players will only have the torch as a weapon. They should compete with other players from all around the world with a torch to win the competition. However, Living Manor is a captivating map that will put them to the test.

Pine City’s Afterlife Number is 8974-6823-3966.

You could be looking for something spooky and full of jump scares. Pine City: Afterlife is a good choice for you. After a vehicle catastrophe, you must make your way through a spooky woodland on this map.

After making your way through the woods, you will come across a mansion, and this is where the real action begins. However, because this map has so many different endings, you’ll want to play it again and again.

Code for Bad Dreams: 5707-5919-7318

This Fortnite horror map is just about 15-20 minutes long. The Bad Dreams map will make you wonder if you’re truly awake right now. Furthermore, if you are hesitant to play alone, this map proposes bringing two companions.

Code for Options: 4147-1805-2195

This map will leave you perplexed, and you will be forced to make difficult decisions that will cause you to doubt your allies and perhaps yourself. In this map, you should play the game with at least one other player, which means you must make unexpected sacrifices. In addition, the Choices map is a lot of fun to play with your buddies.

World’s Smallest Zombie Map Code: 5896-6228-5947

In reality, the World’s Smallest Zombie Map remains one of the most popular horror maps. This single-player level will place you in a 1-by-1 room with every object you’ll need to fend off the hordes of zombies that will assault you. You must utilise it to get your heart rate up and your abilities refined for extremely close-range battle.

Halloween Story Code: 9312-2909-8471

The Halloween Story is a great themed map in which you must explore a scary region in search of pumpkin tokens. Each level in this map has a set number of tokens that you must collect to proceed. Furthermore, there are a few tokens that are quite difficult to locate. To make it easier to find, utilise your parkour abilities to find them.

Code for a Quiet Place: 3739-2232-6062

You can play the Quiet Place map by yourself. However, the plot centers around you attempting to preserve the peaceful location of an evil entity. Whenever you make a wrong assumption, you will undoubtedly suffer the consequences. However, this is a well-designed game that will keep you interested.

Code for The Shining Hotel Overlook: 8575-8381-2923.

In this game map, you must decide which of the ten players is the villain and who is out to get you. This map is based on Hotel Overlook; the massive hotel featured in the novel and film ‘The Shining.’ This is a beautiful yet disturbing replica. You might be able to avoid this hotel in real life, but not on this Fortnite map.

The Backrooms Code: 4284-8758-1462

You are stuck in a basic maze of walls on this terrifying map. In the Backrooms map, your sole purpose is to escape the horrors that lurk in the halls with you. You’ll be certain you spotted something out of the corner of your eye for most of the map, but when you look again, it’s gone. If you’ve ever wondered about your sanity, this is your map.

The Night Shift Code for Mannequin Warehouse is 5351-4440-5726.

The Mannequin Warehouse will successfully mimic Five Nights’ eerie and heart-pounding action at Freddy’s. However, you must maintain a check on mannequins that appear to be moving on their own and prevent them from approaching you. You should be cautious when playing on this map because you will be limited in time and battery power.

2951-2235-6812 Alverton Hills Code

This Fortnite horror map has a two-player option, but it may be expanded to four players. This map allows you to wander or run about a dark neighbourhood; after all, isn’t that how many wonderful stories begin? You must battle, find many things, and solve riddles.

5279-5436-2390 Oliver Japanese Horror Map Code

This Fortnite horror level is all about sprinting through subterranean passageways and then escaping a creepy-looking basement. The sound design of this map is stunning, but the writing is in Japanese, making it difficult to grasp. As a result, the Oliver Japanese Horror Map creates a fantastic atmosphere and is fun to play.

Okay, those are some of the greatest mappe horror Fortnite codes to play with your pals.