June 18, 2024

Remote Data Scientist Jobs in 2022

Data Scientist

For more than two years, working from home has been the new trend. Surprisingly, data science jobs are one of the most well-known careers that can be done efficiently from home. Another debate is whether data scientists want to do this or not.

Platforms to work Remote Data Scientist Jobs in 2022

There are many platforms available, but for data science, in particular, a wide range of possibilities are available, including freelancing, working from home, and remotely at other locations. Additionally, several of these platforms offer regular remuneration for completely remote labor.

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  1. Turing 

Turing claims to be able to give your ideal remote developers by combining planetary reach with AI. Unlike other work portals that primarily offer freelance, it offers remote developers full-time and long-term projects. Turing is a ‘deep’ jobs platform established in Palo Alto that lets software developers and data scientists work with top US companies from the comfort of their own homes. Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, both Stanford alumni and accomplished AI entrepreneurs are at the helm. Turing employs remote developers with a wide range of abilities, including React/Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, PHP, Vue, and others. Engineers are also hired based on their technical roles and seniority.

  1. Crossover

Crossover focuses on full-time/long-term employment rather than part-time or freelance labor. It is a completely remote working environment where people may work from anywhere and earn competitive pay regardless of their location. Crossover has approximately 40 job openings in Engineering, Product Management, Support, Finance, Marketing, Sales, and Operations, with salaries ranging from $10,000 to one million dollars per year. Although Crossover has a corporate mailing address in Austin, Texas, the worldwide talent network is spread throughout 100 nations, allowing employees to work from anywhere.

  1. F6S

Many startups have used F6S to hire their employees, making their service available to both founders and job searchers. F6S provides job listings for remote positions and locations, as well as salary and equality. Web developers, general engineers, and sales/business developers are among the positions available. F6S not only connects you with business owners but also provides a variety of services, such as free discounts and visibility. This site is worth visiting if you wish to work for a fast-growing startup. With over a million registered entrepreneurs and startups on F6S, it may be hard not to discover the perfect position.

  1. RemoteOK

Instead of linking you with firms, this website directs you to the position you’re seeking for. RemoteOK collects remote job listings from the web and allows you to apply for them. The platform is geared toward web developers/designers and mobile developers, but it also has non-tech jobs available. The website contains information on the best-paying remote employment. The information also contains the projected wage for each job category as well as the number of vacant vacancies for each role. The site’s trends are useful for both new businesses and job seekers looking for remote work.

  1. Kolabtree

Over 20,000 scientists and specialists are on board with Kolabtree, which connects people of all levels of experience with businesses of all sizes from all over the world. Every month, hundreds more projects are added to this platform, which you can select by topics, such as data science or other specific disciplines. For data science and machine learning, and statistical analysis projects, Kolabtree offers free signup and charges an hourly rate starting at $30.

  1. Crewscale

This platform caters to all things technological, and they can connect you with the best tech professionals for practically any position. Web developers, app developers, technical architects, project and product managers, data scientists, and analysts make up Crewscale’s skill pool. In four simple steps, the platform wants to know what you need, and then the talent acquisition team will contact you within two days. When the platform understands your talent requirements, it searches its talent pipeline for the top developers and connects them with you. Although remote engineers can be employed for any length of time, the platform encourages clients and engineers to hunt for long-term, full-time work.

  1. Outvise

Outvise is an online marketplace where you may locate a variety of tech-related freelancing jobs. Outvise has jobs in areas other than data science, such as digital marketing, project management, and tech and software consulting. Outvise is one of the most popular online talent marketplaces for freelancing technology experts. The platform connects businesses with highly skilled freelance experts and management consultants to quickly and cost-effectively bridge talent gaps, strengthen their teams, and support their transformation projects across all functional areas, from technology, marketing, strategy, and sales to operations, and IT. Vodafone, Oracle, Rakuten, O2, and MTN are among their clientele.


You’ll have the option to choose your Data Scientist employment with top firms and startups as a freelance Developer, as well as the flexibility to work remotely on your terms.

Data scientists can play a crucial role in the operations of any company. Data scientists are in charge of making sense of digital data and can assist businesses in analyzing and using data to make choices. For competent candidates looking for virtual work, remote data science jobs are fantastic prospects.