May 14, 2024

7 WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins Every Store Owner Should Have:

WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins

WooCommerce Print on Demand is ideal for customers to place online orders for later printed and delivered goods. It is perfect for printing any customized goods, including items with photos, branded or personalized, and even 3D printing. 

Setting up a professional printing job was costly and lengthy a few years back. A WooCommerce product designer makes it simple to launch a print-on-demand company thanks to developments in digital printing. 

It is an excellent company strategy with minimal overhead and no inventory to keep on hand for ecommerce product design plugins. This is because you only print items following a customer purchase.

List of WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins:

  1. Brush Your Ideas:

Apart from the fact that it prevents you from enabling product customization, WooCommerce is arguably one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms. Brush Your Ideas helps to create a perfect WooCommerce Product Customizer.

What distinguishes the WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin as the top option? It concerns how well tools can provide a tailored shopping experience. They offer features like premade industry-specific layouts and a smooth user experience.

You only need their responsive and simple-to-integrate WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin to grow your business. Take advantage of WooCommerce Product Customizer’s potential immediately by stopping your search. 


  • Layouts specific to industries
  • need to make customization simple and fast
  • readymade art work
  1. KILB Product Designer:

The KILB product designer plugin makes it possible to completely alter the products in your shop, allowing your clients to personalize the items they want.

You can showcase mugs, posters, t-shirts, and other items with the help of this WooCommerce product designer plugin and let your customers personalize them according to their tastes.

Customers have the option to preview the final product in addition to adding it to their cart. When the buyer orders the product, a preview will appear, and you can see the design on the WordPress website.


  • Able to work with Shopify
  • Each item and variant has a product design.
  • There is an easy-to-use interface.
  1. Printify:

Before publishing product designs to your shop, you can create mockups using Printify’s generator. The Printify WooCommerce plugin allows you to add warehousing products to your already-existing online store.

Although the prices vary based on the product type, they are all flat. With the help of their profit calculator, you can enter the intended profit margin before setting a product price. The delivery costs are calculated on the product pages, and a shipping price calculator is provided for calculating large orders.


  • Dropshipping
  • Create innovative solutions
  1. Product Designer Plugin:

You can easily customize and create your products with the Product Designer plugin. Any WooCommerce shop that accepts the plugin is compatible with it. Your customers can change their orders before making them due to this plugin.

Customers who use this plugin can add unique text shapes, graphics, and other website components to their web pages. This plugin allows you to add as many sides to the product as you like because it is template-based, allowing you to use the same template for various goods.

Additionally, customers can download and sample their designs before buying them and add infinite customizations. One of the finest product designer plugins we’ve ever used, this plugin has a lot of design options.


  • Allows you to save priceless quotes that customers can use when purchasing their goods
  • You can quickly incorporate QR codes and barcodes into your design.
  • The WooCommerce shop tab offers customization options for a loop item.
  1. PH WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin:

Owners of online stores can offer specialized goods through their WooCommerce stores using the PH WooCommerce Product Addons plugin. Checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, multi-select options, color pickers, date and time pickers, text numbers, and phone numbers are just a few options this plugin provides to add extra options to WooCommerce goods.

Customers can customize their purchases using this plugin before placing their orders, helping them better grasp what they purchase. This is the extension to look at if you’re searching for one for product design.


  • Based on the user’s selection, presents extra options
  • There are flexible pricing choices for additional product options.
  1. Lumise Plugin:

You can personalize a wide range of goods, from cards to hoodies using the Lumise plugin. This plugin guarantees the highest degree of customer satisfaction while giving the user a simple interface.

This application has many features, like a mask layer, a photo effect, curved text, etc. Using this plugin, it is also possible to produce PNG, SVG, and JPG images. For a variety of goods, this plugin offers a flexible editing area.

Online product designer provides a top plugin that enables you to create an online print shop. It offers print services and goods with a user-friendly interface and tools to help you set one up. Additionally, this component is outfitted with various robust features that are only accessible through this plugin.


  • Support for writing in multiple outputs
  • Products may be made with pre-templates.
  • Supports a variety of product categories
  1. Ouidah Plugin:

A flexible and powerful plugin for WooCommerce, Ouidah is the ideal product designer. The plugin makes it simple for customers to easily personalize any kind of product, including t-shirts, business cards, labels, labels, markers, stickers, and other types of products.

Your clients can use a variety of ready-to-import designs using the pre-built template system that Ouidah includes. Customers can start a product design from the beginning, save it, then return and continue where they left off. 

You can manage client uploads using the plugin as well. You can control the entire system by defining the most diminutive acceptable image dimensions or the categories of file extensions.


  • Portable and completely quick
  • Modify any product type
  • Versatile and completely individualized

Wrapping it up:

From the above mentioned, these apps can help you improve your website. An Online product designer helped to examine these plugins and demonstrated their remarkable qualities.