May 24, 2024

Protecting Your Privacy On The Internet

Protecting Your Privacy On The Internet

None of the people living in this internet age would doubt the fact that a global network by the name of the internet is of a pretty large significance to mankind. As we use the network of network for all kinds of things including paying the bills, seeing what our friends and family are up to, and telling them what we are up to, we give a lot of chances to mal-intentioned hackers to break into our secret information and use it against us. If we take into consideration how beneficial the internet is, it would not make sense for anyone to stop subscribing to the exceptional internet connection of the likes of Hughesnet Gen 5 or any other internet service for that matter. What is needed, however, is the need to mitigate the con of the threat of information leakage. You will be glad to know that, in this article, we will be doing exactly that as we will be seeing what things we can do to make our data safer on the internet.

Personal Info On Social Media

It is important to not be carried away by the fact that everyone else is sharing information on social media. Recall how certain financial institutions, such as banks, ask some personal verification questions before letting a transaction go through. Well, guess what? If you put out your father’s name on social media for everyone to see and the banks ask for that name as a verification question, it makes it easier for anyone who knows your father’s name to get control of your bank account and empty it! Next time, social media companies prompt you to put something out about yourself, make sure you do not add anything that can be used against you at any point.

Limiting People Who Can See Posts

Do all the thousands of people you are connected to on Instagram need to know what is happening with your life? No, not! What you can easily do is restrict anyone you don’t want seeing your posts from seeing your posts. This feature is enabled in all kinds of social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram. One of the best parts about this feature is that the followers or Facebook friends you have blocked from seeing your posts will never know that you have blocked them from seeing your posts. How awesome does that sound?!

Choose In-Private

If you opt to enter your browser through an in-private window (called Incognito on Google Chrome), this will mean that none of your search histories is kept on your computer. Even if a hacker hacks into your computer, he will never know what websites you have accessed in the past. When it comes to the main browsers used in the world today, In-private browsing is offered by the entirety of the lot. However, in the case that you have been given a computer from your current company, it is important to note that your company may be monitoring what is happening on your screen in real-time. This means that even if you are on an in-private window, your company will know what is happening on your computer system as its software will be taking pictures of your screen after every few minutes.

Search Engines That Are Anonymous

There are some kinds of browsers in which you do not even have to worry about going in private. It is because these kinds of blogs do not save any of your search histories. This technique will not only ensure that none of your data will be stolen by people who will hack into your account in the future but it will also not be sold by search engine companies to any of the clients.


Would you like to ensure that no one knows your location by exploiting your usage of the internet? Well, it is easy. Just make sure you download a virtual private network on your personal computer or phone system. Alongside, it is hugely important to make sure you use virtual private networks in highly frequented areas. Why do we say this? Because we know that your internet has a way higher likelihood of getting leaked when you have devices connected to public WIFis.

Phone Protection

To be able to get the data protection that you need, you have to have passwords on your phone. The reason for this is simple: all kinds of data about you is available about you to users of your phone. They can access the most private of your messages. They can also order anything from your Amazon account and get it shipped to their place.


This is it for now. You can now go ahead and implement the measures suggested above.