June 18, 2024

Ulrich Ndilira Rotam: Pioneering the Global Race for Clean Energy Solutions

Ulrich Ndilira Rotam


In the face of the daunting challenge presented by climate change, one exceptional mind stands tall, armed with an unprecedented invention that could revolutionize the way we combat this crisis. Ulrich Ndilira Rotam, an immigrant from Africa now residing in New Mexico, has emerged as a beacon of hope in the global race for clean energy solutions. With his unparalleled genius, unquenchable curiosity, and determination, Rotam has brought to light the game-changing SECETM Energy, a never-before-seen innovation that holds the power to reshape our world’s energy landscape and combat climate change head-on.

A Visionary with a Purpose:

Ulrich Ndilira Rotam’s journey is one of extraordinary determination and unwavering conviction. Combining his classic scientific background with a self-made approach, Rotam embodies the idea that making a positive impact is the true essence of human existence. His dedication led him from private labs across continents, from Chad, Africa, to New Jersey and ultimately to New Mexico, driven by a refusal to take shortcuts and a commitment to scientific excellence.

A Journey of Challenges and Triumphs:

The path of an innovator is seldom easy, and Ulrich Ndilira Rotam is no exception. Overcoming societal challenges due to his background and origin, he navigated the complexities of bringing his genius ideas to fruition. Like those before him – luminaries such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla – Rotam embraces the United States as a haven for peace and opportunity, leveraging his brilliance to contribute significantly to the nation’s growth and advancement.

The Genius of SECETM Energy:

At the heart of Rotam’s genius lies SECETM Energy, an invention meticulously crafted to tackle the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change. This revolutionary energy solution operates on the foundation of non-combustible ASW fuel – Air, Sand, and Water – producing energy with zero carbon emissions and minimal noise. SECETM Energy redefines the parameters of clean and renewable energy, offering a much-needed lifeline to the planet.

A Game-Changer for the Climate Crisis:

The competition for effective clean energy solutions is fierce, and Rotam’s SECETM Energy emerges as a frontrunner. This innovation optimizes land use, requiring a mere 2 acres to generate over 100 MW of energy, a feat that would demand 640 acres of solar or 75 acres of wind farms. The accessibility and affordability of SECETM Energy set it apart, capable of operation across the globe in any environment and season.

The Journey to Success:

Ulrich Ndilira Rotam’s pursuit of SECETM Energy has been marked by an intricate journey of development and testing. From the inception of the idea to rigorous research, technology formulation, and large-scale trials, Rotam’s dedication has been unwavering. The prototypes were meticulously tested in the intended environment and showcased at the San Juan College University of Farmington, NM. This culminated in four days of intensive testing in the hill environment in December 2022, setting the stage for SECETM Energy’s impending market debut in 2024.


In a world grappling with climate change, Ulrich Ndilira Rotam’s genius and invention, SECETM Energy, stand as beacons of hope. His relentless dedication, unwavering conviction, and unmatched brilliance position him as a transformative force in the ongoing global race for clean energy solutions. As the world unites in the fight against climate change, Rotam’s vision and innovation serve as guiding lights, propelling us toward a sustainable future and reminding us that even in the darkest times, human ingenuity can shine through.