April 24, 2024


The Service of External Affairs has upgraded its way of thinking for giving IDs to minor youths, as shown by Regional Passport Officer S. Maniswara Raja.

The procedure for applying for a visa for minor teenagers at the Passport Seva in India concerning the presence of guards is as per the going with: if both the watchmen can visit the PSK, the unmistakable evidence application with recommended records nearby Annexure H is satisfactory for applying for a visa. Annexure H could be submitted in plain paper in the upheld plan.

In case of some lucky new development, one parent can visit the PSK, Annexure G ought to be submitted as an affirmation on non-authentic stamp paper of least worth fittingly approved by legal value or local authority. “Close by unmistakable verification office, Madurai, won’t be liable for any legitimate inquiries emerging over the issue of visa to a minor from the other parent. The parent who has applied for the visa will be just cautious,” Mr. Maniswara Raja said.

Assuming one parent is abroad and another parent is in India, Annexure G ought to be gathered by the parent at the PSK, or the parent living abroad can submit Annexure H appropriately affirmed by the Indian Mission/Post abroad and various gatekeepers may sign it.

The application can be perceived with the presence of one parent.

In the event that both the guards are withstanding abroad, they need to pick a nearby gatekeeper who can present the application.

The guardians need to focus on a joint sworn vow reasonably affirmed by the Indian Mission/Post abroad.

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Other than the nearby gatekeeper of the minor youngster, assuming the individual is alluded to isn’t the grandparent of the kid, one prerequisite is to give a statement to two caring people. Annexure C is proper where the subtleties and whereabouts of different watchmen are not known. The single parent with whom the kid is remaining may submit Annexure C. Annexure G is material in all conditions where the parent presenting the application can’t get the assent of the other parent for getting unmistakable evidence of the youngster. This will intertwine genuine separation of the other parent at the hour of the accommodation of the application.

Regardless, for applications submitted nearby Annexure C and Annexure G, ID could be given just an honor on which the police really investigate the report.

The ID application measure for new or reconstructing has been made exclusively online by the Ministry of External Affairs. You really want to visit the Passport Sahayata online segment right after filling out the application, booking the course of action, and charging comfort. At Passport Sahayata – We are the best visa-trained professionals and will control you to get recognizing evidence, really, take a gander at the procedure to apply for a visa on the web. We have exhausted the least demanding web-based visa structure that one can suggest.

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Stage 1: Visit the identification in India Portal

Stage 2: Filling up and presenting a web-based visa application structure or downloading the distinctive evidence e-structure and moving it following recording it

Stage 3: Process the charges for the Passport Application

Stage 4: Passport Sahayata trailblazer will deal with your ID application

Stage 5: Then the manager will plan a strategy at visa Seva Kendra

Stage 6: After effectively recognizing the verification check, you will get a visa through the post


Stage 1: Visit the Indian Passport Sahayata Application structure.

Stage 2: Click on new/re-empowering conspicuous evidence for Tatkal association

Stage 3: Visit the opened page and pick the sort of use you want, for example, Typical/Tatkal, and the number of pages for your visa

Stage 4: Provide the contender’s subtleties. The subtleties you really want to give are:

  • Name or changed name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current private subtleties
  • Cozy status
  • Balloter ID
  • Business subtleties
  • Aadhar number
  • Stage 5: Upload exhibited reports:
  • Attestation of birth
  • Attestation of the current region
  • Stage 6: Validate your information and proceed
  • Stage 7: Pay the expenses
  • Stage 8: Our primary will plan the game plan.