May 14, 2024

Perfect Internet Speed for Watching HD Content

Perfect Internet Speed for Watching HD Content

Everyone loathes slow-speed Internet. However, many times it is not the company to be blamed. It may be that the service plan sometimes does not meet daily needs. Because many things including the number of people living in a house and daily usage may affect the speed. So, you should always talk to a rep before opting for a speed limit.

I have always had a good experience with Windstream Internet. The reps have always been efficient and the speed is commendable. In case, you are wondering what speed you should opt for, here is your detailed guide:

Tips on Choosing the Right Speed

Here are some general rules/tips that will help you to decide what Internet speed do you need:

  • For most of the families, 20 Mbps of download and 5 Mbps of upload speed is sufficient
  • Netflix claims that you do not need more than 10 Mbps if you wish to stream HD content. However, you would need 25 Mbps speed if you wish to stream in 4K. But you should always opt for more speed than the recommended if you will be connecting more than one device to the Internet.
  • In case, you wish to stream all content in 4K and you will be connecting multiple devices to your Internet, then you should not go for anything less than 200 Mbps of download speed.
  • It is always the safest option to go for Giga speed Internet if possible.
  • Use tools to check whether you are getting the speed that the service provider promised or not.

Do Not Pay for Too Much Speed

Having mentioned the above tips, you should also know that most of the time Internet service providers tell you to opt for fast speeds when you don’t even need them. Therefore, you should know about your estimated usage so that you can make a wise decision and save yourself from paying more than you should.

Understanding your Internet needs means that you should be well aware of your bandwidth needs. Although people pay much focus on the download speeds when considering plans, upload speeds are equally important now. Because video calls and the like are common these days.

However, it all comes down to what you are using your Internet for. And the needs of everyone are different from the others. So, you will have to do this analysis yourself.

How Many Mbps Do You Need?

Here is a guide that will make it easy for you to decide the speed that you should opt for:

  • If you wish to connect 1-2 devices to the Internet, then you should opt for 25 Mbps or more. This speed will allow you to surf the web, email, watch videos, and use social media networks.
  • In case you are more into gaming and 4K streaming and want to connect between 3 and 5 devices, you should opt for anything between 50-100 Mbps.
  • If you wish to do all of the above and also share large files too, you should opt for speeds ranging from 150-to 200 Mbps. That is if you will connect over 5 devices to the Internet.

As more and more people are opting for 4K resolution, the need for more bandwidth is also increasing. There will soon come a time when 25 Mbps of speed will not be enough as the least speed one can subscribe to.

How Much Speed are You Getting?

Before you move forward with changing your Internet plan or upgrading to a faster speed, you should check if you are getting the promised speed as well. At times you might remain unsatisfied with the existing speed because the company is not providing you with the one that it promised. Thus, forcing you to believe that you need to upgrade the existing speed.

There are several tools available online that can check the speed for you. Use them to save yourself from paying for speeds that you do not need.

What About 5G?

Things will change a great deal when 5G becomes widely available. However, nothing can be said as of now because technology is not yet that common. But news has it that it will be the fastest in-home and mobile Internet available. Some wireless carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have already rolled out their 5G connections. And prominent mobile companies introduced the 5G feature in their latest models as well.


The need for Internet speed varies according to the number of members and the usage of the Internet in a household. However, some factors including the reliance on 4K streaming are increasing the need for more bandwidth on average. Therefore, you should do your thorough research whenever you decide to opt for a specific speed or consult a rep.