May 18, 2024

Some of the top cosmetic brands in India

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Some of the top cosmetic brands in India

Like other essential things, cosmetics are also an essential demand from consumers, especially as a fashion statement for women. They are perfect in managing their flaws and enhancing features. Cosmetics bring shine and aura to their personality. Be it any social function or party, women aim to gather all eyes on her. And it is only possible if you make the right selection of brands. So today, we are going to list down some of the top cosmetic brands that are favorites among the women folks. Now, what makes these brands superior ranging from economy, organic, and quality of ingredients is a curiosity that grips us all. 

Listing the top Indian cosmetic brands

To begin with, the list of top cosmetic brands in India is:

Shahnaz Husain

When it comes to listing the top cosmetic brands in India, then how can we miss Shahnaz Hussain. The beautician herself has become popular with her brand name. Its foundation was laid by Shahnaz Hussain in 1970. She was honored with the Padma Shri award in 2006. 

Now when we talk about this brand, then it excels in exploiting the use of Ayurveda naturally. There are more than 300 cosmetic products for different sections including hair, make-up, and skin. As per the brand, it has done thorough research to prove its worth in terms of product quality of higher level. 

Elle 18

Coming on to the next is Elle 18. Hindustan Unilever Limited is known to be its owner. The launching of this cosmetic brand took place in 1998. It was mainly focused on the young girls due to the bright shades of neon colors that you will notice in its products. Even the cost of Elle 18 products has been fixed per its young customers. 


Lakme also comes as the top brand in cosmetics. Its ownership is under Unilever company headed by Anil Chopra who is the chief executive officer of this firm. Its foundation was done long ago by JRD Tata in 1952. But later on, it was decided by the Tata Group that it would be sold off its staking in Lakme to Hindustan Lever Limited. 

In India, it is ranked among the top trusted cosmetic brands. The Lakme Fashion Week is held twice a year by this top brand. Ladies who have been using this brand must be aware of the Lakme Perfect Radiance and Lakme eyeconic Kajal. Both these were launched by Lakme. 


In the year 1984, Vinita Jain launched the cosmetic brand Biotique in India. It stands among the top chemical cosmetics not only in India but the world. The best thing about the Biotique is it does not comprise artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The ingredients used in this cosmetic brand are extracted from natural herbs. The extraction of raw material is supervised from its early stage. So we can say that its products are organic. 

Revlon India

Among the top international players in the field of cosmetics in India, Revlon India is the first one to launch in 1995. It all became possible with the alliance between Revlon Pvt Ltd and Umesh K Modi in 1994. Prices for this cosmetic brand have been set according to consumers’ ease. They are neither too high nor too low. 


Next comes Himalaya. It is also one of the top cosmetic brands in India. Its foundation was laid long ago in 1930 by Mr. M. Manal. This person had planned to make Ayurveda reach the world. Himalaya has patented its sunscreen ‘Under-Eye Cream, Hair Loss Cream, and Anti-Acne range from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

In India, the business of Himalaya has been remarkable in 2011 with Rs 1,200 crores. If you have been using Purifying Neem, then you should know that its owner is Himalaya. Now it has become very popular in its use for problems like acne and greasy skin. 


Last on the list is Lotus. This cosmetic brand was set up long ago in 1993. Karnal Passi is the person behind its foundation. The brand deals in the manufacturing and selling of multiple cosmetic products including hair oils, sunscreens, shampoos, cleansers, and winter care. They aim to make the best use of herbal ingredients and ensure that their products are free from chemicals. 

Ending note

So these are the top cosmetic brands in India that you have been reading about in this blog. Beware of counterfeit products as they dampen the reputation of these known brands. Even though it is not that easy to differentiate between the fake and real, still, there are some ways like logo, receipt, spelling, and various other things that can help you in figuring out the authenticity of the brand. The customer loyalty program by Blokchi incentivizes its loyal customers with rewards and enables growth and engagement.