May 24, 2024

Everything You Should Know About The Best Liver Transplant Hospital

Liver Diseases

A liver transplant is recommended for patients whose livers are damaged and cannot be treated with medicine or conventional surgery. In this procedure, the damaged liver is replaced with a healthy liver from a donor. This procedure is done by specialists using the latest surgical techniques. In most cases, a healthy liver is obtained from a deceased organ donor. Living donors can be family members or someone with the same blood type as the patient.

What Facilities Should The Best Liver Transplant Hospital Have?

Choosing the right transplant centre is critical to the outcome of a liver transplant. The Best Liver Transplant Hospitals must be evaluated on the following parameters:

  • Location: Choosing a transplant centre should not be based solely on its site, but it can play an important role. It should be easily accessible to facilitate pre-and post-transplant check-ups. BLK-Max Hospital is located in the country’s capital city, where all means of transportation are readily available. Patients across the globe receive treatment here because of their favourable experiences.
  • Value: Feedback and reviews of patients is another factor that helps gauge the efficacy of the transplant hospital. BLK-Max Hospital is India’s most prestigious Hospital for Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences. Patients suffering from diseases of the liver, pancreas, and the biliary system can receive on-site and outpatient treatment at BLK-Max Centre for Liver Transplant & Biliary Sciences.
  • Facilities: Patients need specialized care 24×7, and without a good team and essential medical facilities, their recovery is impossible. A 200-person team at BLK-Max Hospital has performed over 2600 transplants in the last 20 years. Patients at BLK-Max Hospital receive the highest level of care both before and after their procedures.
  • Success rate: Recovery is the prime objective for patients and doctors. In BLK-Max Hospital, the current liver transplant success rates exceed 95%, and ten-year survival rates exceed 80%.


The liver is a vital body organ; therefore, the best available option should always be sought for liver transplants. Log on to BLK Max Hospital’s official website or visit directly to book an appointment.