May 14, 2024

How to Re use your old clothes?

old clothes

Everyone is aware that fashion-consciousness is detrimental to the environment and for society. For instance, it requires an average of 20,000 litres water to create one t-shirt and a Jeans. All over the world we consume around 80 billion clothing items every year.

The idea of selling clothes is a great method ensure that your clothes are current while also helping earn some money. However, if you have a particular item that you’re emotionally attached to or been wearing clothes that are way too old to give away or sell, then recycling is the best option.

There are many creative ways to recycle the clothes you’ve worn for years. If you can do it right, you can transform your clothing into items you like more than you are previously. Below are some of our favourite suggestions for upcycling to get you started.

Ideas to Re use your old clothes

Here are nine innovative things you can do with your old Kids clothes or yours, and the most effective ways to recycle these items:

1. Make your beautiful trainer

Create your own trainers with glitter. you’re unable to let go, the Love Maegan offers a solution. Make them glow by covering them with glitter. All you require is lots of (environmentally sustainable) glitter and some fabric glue. The best option is that you mix your glitter with glue as you apply it, and then apply an additional layer of glue afterward to hold all the glitter in the right place. The most important thing is not to leave trails of glitter everywhere you travel. The laces can be dyed according to colour or swap them out for sparkling ribbon instead.

2. Make Your Favourite T-shirts

Make your favourite t-shirts with the cover of your duvet. It’s sad when you keep track of tour t-shirts you’ve collected from your favourite concerts or festivals through the years, but they’ll be used for pyjamas. Maybe you’re still holding onto some seriously worn-out T-shirts and jumpers that you don’t wear and yet have sentimental worth. In any case, a fantastic option to avoid throwing them out and to bring them into the spotlight instead is to turn them into a stunning duvet cover.

3. Make High neck t –shirt

If you have an old, baggy t-shirt you don’t wear it. You can change into high neck t shirt. This technique is extremely simple to follow and is able to be executed by anybody. A sewing machine makes this easier, however you can also sew by hand in the event you have an extra bit of patience (and the patience). In addition, you’ll require papers to draw your pattern, a pair of cutters as well as pins.

4. Make old jumpers into cushion covers

You can transform almost any item into a cushion, and this is a great idea for old t-shirts as well as jumpers. Old, fluffy jumpers are ideal to make cushion covers that will help make your space look cozy. You’ll require some of the Fusible Interfacing we talked about earlier. This will ensure that the jumper material is in form and doesn’t stretch. If you’re trying to make some additional money cushions are among the best items to create to sell.

5. Place your favourite t-shirts into frame

If you have old football strips, or sentimental hoodies you can turn them into artwork. If you choose to use At-Home using this Barkers’ method, you can complete this task in a matter of minutes. You just need to purchase a clever frame and then use it to draw an identical square on the shirt. Cut the square out then stick it on the inside frames to ensure it is straight, and voila.

6. Create your own chokers

Wildfire Charm Chokers have made an enormous return. However, you don’t have to shell out money to purchase them from the high-street. The process of making them is simple to make (no sewing required) however, you’ll be required to buy items to begin. Find a fabric store near you and pick your favourite fabrics and ribbons. Velvet is a classic and is easy to work with, however it can be used with almost everything.

You can also purchase charms that can be hung on at the top of your necklace them more personal to make them more personal, gather some scraps of patterned material and make (or cover) pockets.