May 18, 2024

Quality Window Cleaning In Private Homes

Two window cleaners at work

Window cleaning in private homes is hard work. You need a lot of equipment – water, soap, bucket and ladder, a good washer with a scraper and maybe one with microfiber. It is difficult to keep track of it all and the work can wear on the body if you do not have control of the right techniques. Therefore, it is no shame to hire professional Vinduespudser help for the task.

At Jacobsens Rengøring, we love to polish windows. We polish and polish for the big gold medal every weekday between 7 and 16. But we are of course flexible and always find out if you, for example need us to come a little earlier one day.

So you can still get shiny, beautiful windows.

Window cleaning in private homes

Our window cleaning is environmentally friendly and takes place in all kinds of weather. We always have the right and professional equipment. So we can plaster windows both on the ground floor, on your 1st floor or higher up. No window is too big a challenge for our employees. When we carry out environmentally friendly window cleaning, it is also with consideration for the environment. This means that we always use Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning products. In addition, we also plan our driving routes efficiently, so that we emit as little CO2 as possible in order to have the most environmentally friendly window cleaning possible.

Your Polishing runs out on large parts of Zealand. We perform window cleaning in inner Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen, but also in North Zealand, Gentofte, Heller up, Charlottenlund – just to name a few cities and eastern Zealand. That is, as western as the cities Frederiksværk, Frederikssund, Roskilde – and Solrød Strand as the southernmost. So you are looking for a cheap and environmentally friendly window cleaner in one of these areas? Then Your Polishing is an obvious choice.

We offer professional window cleaning for private individuals

Our window cleaning is always extremely professional and environmentally friendly. It is because of our skilled and dedicated window cleaners. They always meet you with a smile and knock right on before they start washing windows. With many years of experience, they just know how to best clean and maintain your windows. In addition, they also show great respect for the surroundings around your house e.g. flower beds in the garden. You can therefore safely leave your window cleaning to us. When the work is completed, you will be left with shiny and environmentally friendly clean windows, and a note in the mailbox that the work is finished. Subsequently, you will of course be sent an invoice for window cleaning privately to your e-mail.

Window cleaners private at reasonable prices

It should never endanger the budget to have windows polished by a window cleaner. There simply has to be room for that. That is why we offer cheap window cleaning at a fixed monthly price. When you book a window cleaner for private individuals with us, you can choose your range yourself. Should we, for example clean your windows every 4, 8 or 12 weeks? The more often, the cheaper it will be for you in the end. For private customers, we clearly recommend every 4 weeks. That way, you always have clean windows, and your home also always looks inviting. Also keep in mind that window cleaning falls within the category of taking advantage of the service deduction.

Do you dream of cheap and environmentally friendly window cleaning for private individuals? Jacobsens Rengøring offers window cleaning of windows in large parts of Zealand. You always get high quality, reasonable prices and good service at. Feel free to contact us today and find out if our window cleaners are running in your area.

Many times welcome as a private window cleaner customer at Jacobsens Rengøring.