Their are many mistakes to avoid when starting up or running an Internet business, here are just 4 of them.

(1) Advertising, but getting poor results.

You must test your advertising and monitor the results. Try out small adds and if successful roll them out.Test and track where your sales are coming from.If any advert isn’t working drop like a hot brick.

(2) Invisible website.

You may have the best looking website in the world but if nobody knows about it you are wasting your money.

There are several ways to make your website visible including, SEO, PPC, Articles, email campaigns and links, to mention just a few.

(3) Sell and move on.

About the biggest mistake you can make is to sell to a customer and think that is the end of it. The easiest customer to sell to is one who has already bought from you. Build up a Data base of your customers and keep in contact on a regular basis by emails on your autoresponder. Make your customers, friends and customers for life.

(4) Not bothering with Testimonials or referrals.

When you have a customer, ask them for a testimonial, you will be amazed how glowing they can be.Of course only publish the best ones.

These are only 4 of the mistakes you can make in starting your internet business. IWishing you all the very best in your venture.
Never Give Up!