July 15, 2024

KBC Head Office Number Delhi 00919692788947

You may have heard of the Indian drama “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, which has made significant contributions to people’s lives. Now, the KBC lottery plays a key role in bringing a 360 degree turn to people’s lives, giving them the opportunity to access all the luxuries of life by winning huge lottery cash prizes.

Kaun Banega Crorepati, popularly known as KBC, is the most popular show game in India and the reality show is hosted by Amitabh Bachan. Who Will Be A Millionaire KBC; An Indian game show based on a British show who wants to be a millionaire?

People of all ages love this program and thanks to the popularity of this great family quiz everyone wants to be involved in reaching their goal of winning cash prizes. If you are considering joining the KBC program, you can call the KBC office number or the KBC WhatsApp number.

It was originally broadcast by star plus an Indian TV channel for the first three seasons from 2000 to 2007 and was specially crafted by Samee Nasir’s design team. He has been dealing with Sony TV since 2010.

Happy KBC draw

If you have an Indian contact number, you can participate in the KBC lucky draw. They are holding a lucky KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) seasonal draw where you can win 25 lakh prizes. Countless fake people are making fake phone calls adopting people to send money in order to win a reward from KBC. Please don’t believe anything and confirm the information you get from KBC head office Delhi number.

KBC lucky draw 2021 as a beloved contact upon request now decides to register with a simple call to KBC’s head office number. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to come to the office; everything can be handled online with a phone call.

KBC Head office

If you are the recipient of a lottery or lucky number, please update KBC to easily find the real or wrong lottery number. Therefore, if any man or woman offers you a lottery number, please confirm it at KBC’s Head office or on the KBC WhatsApp number: 00919692788947 | Website: https://jiokbccompany.in/

KBC’s head office number

These days, you may have received scam calls from the KBC lottery game. Keep in mind that mobile lottery scams are back and the purpose of the scam is to trick an innocent person like you out of your meager earnings.

In most cases, they refer to the SMS as the Director of the KBC Office, only to hide your identity and trick you into taking action regarding their fraudulent activities. KBC recommends that you do not answer such calls or SMS, but instead contact the telephone exchange @ 00919692788947.

Additionally, if you would like to check the list of KBC 2021 winners, get the correct lottery number or request any details, please do so too (by contacting them).

KBC Head office Customer Service Center

At the center of KBC is a customer service center that will respond by specifying the KBC connection. In addition, KBC collects your data under the contract they signed with Indian mobile companies to obtain the relevant data package.

Next, KBC’s customer service department compiles data collected in line with each state’s country in India as a development phase. They then send a message to your mobile number asking you to submit your title and ID number if you are interested in joining.

It is worth noting that when you become a champion based on the selection criteria, you will receive an order from them with a link on how to claim the prize, and you can contact them to confirm if this message is really from them. Phone | WhatsApp number: 00919692788947