June 18, 2024

You don’t Need Revenge! These karma spells will do it for you

Have you ever been hurt really badly? So bad that you even considered revenge?

Me, yes. But in the end I didn’t do it.

I thought about it for a while, but I realized that the more I thought about my pain and the person who hurt me, the worse I felt.

At that moment I realized that I would never find my inner peace in this way.

Instead, I made the decision to let it go. It was not easy.

It took me some time but with the help of my friends I made it. One thing that has helped me believes in Karma Sayings.

Several times in my life, I have experienced that you really get back what you give yourself. That’s why I decided revenge wasn’t a good idea.

I would also advise you to just let go and let karma does it. Your own happiness is actually the best revenge for the people who hurt you.

Karma is the belief that everything we do and every action has a consequence. If you do good, you can expect good, and if you do bad, you can expect bad.

Karma has a special meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is believed that actions taken in this life will determine fate in the next life.

In the following text you will find the best and most beautiful sayings and quotes on the subject of karma. They will help you to overcome your difficult situation and give you hope that everything will be fine again, everyone will get their “reward” and you will realize that everything happens for a reason.

Karmic wisdom

Woman standing on the field and closed her eyes

1. Every action has a consequence. It’s just that the wise, the right, doesn’t always produce good, and the wrong, the unwise, doesn’t always produce something bad.

2. Always be kind to people who are unkind to you. Because these are the people who need kindness the most.

3. It is words, deeds and thoughts that form the threads of our life’s web.

4. Our words, our deeds and even our thoughts influence our karma – in other words: the happiness and suffering that befalls us is our chosen lot.

5. There always comes a day in life when you reap what you sow. It doesn’t matter if it was good or bad.

6. What we have done in life shapes us into who we are when we die. And everything, absolutely everything, counts.

7. Respect yourself, respect others and take responsibility for what you do.

8. I’m just not the type of person to wish bad things on others. However, I do think that some people should meet themselves at some point.

9. Let the players play. let the haters hate And let karma decide their fate.

10. Everyone discovers sooner or later in life that they are in control of their own life, that they are both the director and the actor in the film of their life.

11. Feel free to call me naive and stupid. But remember that karma doesn’t do that.

12. Some people come into your life as a blessing, but others come as a test.

13. Karma is a simple calculation. An act against an act, whether the act is good or evil.

14. Being knocked over happens to you again and again in life. Getting up and going on, on the other hand, is a clear decision.

15. How we have lived our lives makes us who we are when we die. Everything counts, really everything.

16. Karma is not a luxury. It’s a way of life. It is the engine that drives you and shows you the way.

17. Patience is trusting that things will happen when the time is right.

18. Karma is the eternal affirmation of human freedom. Our thoughts, words and deeds are threads in a net that we wrap around ourselves.

19. There is no finer house in life than the one where you are happy.

20. Karma has no problem getting back in touch with you if need be.