May 15, 2024

A Review of Helium 10: Should you get it?



If you are a seller on Amazon serious about growing your business and taking it to great heights, then you should consider the Helium 10 software. This software has a suite of tools that empower e-commerce businesses to drive growth all with a single platform. In 2021, Helium 10 crossed one million users worldwide. From Fortune 500 companies to budding entrepreneurs, everyone is getting in on the action. Here is a closer look at what’s so special about Helium 10.

How can Helium 10 help your business?

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from Helium 10. Amazon is, without a doubt, the biggest e-commerce website in the world, with millions of sellers and millions more as customers. Helium 10 uses the power of technology to leverage the data provided on Amazon to help sellers grow their businesses successfully, whether they are just starting their journey or they are seasoned sellers.

Helium 10 has more than 20 tools to help e-commerce businesses to thrive. These tools can be segregated into 5 different categories.

  1. Product Research

With these tools, you can find high-converting items using smart filters and analytics. The tools here give you an overview of the sales trends, demand, revenue estimates, and seasonal effects of products. Perhaps the mostwidely used tool in this arsenal is the X-Ray tool.

  • Keyword Research

These tools help you find keywords used by customers and then use that information to optimise your content. A unique tool offered by Helium 10 is the Misspellinatorwhich helps find frequently misspelled search items and compiles them into lists so that later on, you can use them to your benefit.

  • Operations Management

Simplify your day-to-day operations with these tools that automate certain tasks, and provide real-time data. The tools here such as the Refund Genie and the inventory Protector, keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Analytics

Data is an important resource in the world today. The tools here help sellers make educated, data-informed decisions using real-time data and analytics.

  • Marketing

The tools here help you to create high-converting landing pages, without the need for knowledge of coding, etc. These pages will help drive traffic from anywhere on the internet to your product pages.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

  1. Free Plan

Not sure about investing in Helium 10? Access basic but valuable features for 30 days. Most features are available but for limited uses. This plan gives you a taste of the powerful Helium 10 arsenal of tools.

  • Starter Plan – $39 per month

Get access to Helium 10’s immensely valuable core tools as well as expert training to help improve your business.

  • Platinum Plan – $99 per month

The most popular single-user pricing plan is a must-have for growing businesses. Track 2500 keywords, track 3 markets, get 300 alerts, 5000 follow-up emails, and much more.

  • Diamond Plan – $249 per month

This plan is suited for expert sellers looking to expand their business. It has a multi-user login and has additional features like tracking 5000 keywords, a landing page builder, and more.

  • Elite Plan – $399 per month

Helium 10’s highest grade plan comes with live expert training and is bestsuited for advanced sellers. Sellers get access to a private Facebook group, can track up to 15 markets, in-person workshops, and much more.

Helium 10 Coupon

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The bottom line

Helium 10 is one of the most comprehensive software with a suite of highly-integrated tools explicitly designed to elevate businesses to the next level. It is a fantastic resource for sellers who are serious about success.