July 15, 2024

Packaging Tips to Creatively Design Your Playing Card Boxes



To get your brand into the limelight with your playing cards, you will need the most impeccable packaging boxes to present them. The excellently designed playing card boxes will be valuable in this case. These boxes offer many benefits if you know how to design them properly. Below are some packaging tips to creatively design your boxes for playing cards.

Considering the Thickness of Playing Card Boxes Are Important

Playing card boxes from MyBoxPrinter.com are one of the most common recreational products in the world, so it only makes sense that they would require special packaging. You can find the boxes available in a variety of styles and designs. In fact, some major manufacturers employ signature packaging. When you purchase playing cards, you should consider the thickness of the box, the size, and the finishing options. Keeping your cards organized and safe is a top priority, and a unique box design can do just that.

Plastic playing card boxes are a popular option. These boxes are available in a variety of styles. In addition, they all look great on a shelf or desk. The plastic box will be the best choice, as it lifts one end up when the box is opened. This way, making the box to be easy to remove the decks. Many other playing card boxes require you to turn the box upside down to remove the decks. They may also require you to remove both decks to get at them.

Highlight Your Logo on Custom Playing Card Boxes with Gold Foiling

Gold foiling is a popular option, and it can be used to highlight the logo design on the box. Another option involves the use of kings and queens. The playing card box‘s logo should convey a royal flair to attract customers. If your company is known for creating a unique logo, you can opt for 3D raised ink designs. A unique playing card box will be the most excellent way to promote your brand and increase your sales.

If you are buying custom playing card boxes for your company, you’ll want to be sure that you select a box that matches the deck size. If your decks are poker-size, for example, you should select a box that measures at least 64mm x 89mm. If you’re buying plastic playing card boxes, you can also get them custom printed to your specifications.

Design Custom Printed Playing Card Boxes to Suit Your Brand’s Style

Custom printed playing card boxes are a great choice for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that these boxes are durable and easy to use. In addition, they can be altered to suit your style, colours, and images. These boxes are designed to impress and last, but also to protect your cards.

Go for Sturdy and Durable Playing Card Boxes

These boxes should be sturdy and durable. They can even be designed to be a great gift. Besides their usefulness, these boxes will be a wonderful way to display your playing cards collection. However, the quality is the same as playing card boxes from MyBoxPrinter.com and other similar options.